Sunday, July 6, 2008

Topmost Guitarplayer of Thailand

Lam Morrison
If will deliver a speech prevent about the development of rock music realm in Thailand will might is retrospective reach war Vietnam age. The reason that be such because at that time The United States of America has come in to beg for stand the military base in Thailand or at a Thai in that time knows good in the name of CAMP GI.

Besides a weapon that import to come to in Thailand for has used to fight with Vietnam already, American soldier still lead to take the one thing comes to with that is the song , ROCK & ROLL

In order that , have the grumble hires of Thailand band at can play the Western music goes to play give soldier American gang that can crazy about the rock music sees during free.Which , as a result , there is prevent various a band but , that outstanding most , possibly be of , LAM MORRISON , beneath name , V.I.P.

Which LAM MORRISON , who is that rhythmically bingthin shield the guitar that is the identity doesn't be like ? moreover still have a child plays various techinque , be at like of soldier American gang extremely.

which , the cause at the alias that LAM MORRISON The that because of The V.I.P. play the music of The door which LAM MORRISON be both of guitar solo and a singer lead that can sing to are like , Jim Morrison , a singer leads of , The door. Soldier gang GI , then nickname give that LAM MORRISON

Thereafter , LAM MORRISON , all right travel to play a prelude in many worldwide countries including the country , GERMANY.Which here by oneself he has a chance plays a pair with Michael Schenker guitar player past UFO and SCORPIEAN Schenker all right admit in the ability of LAM MORRISON that be one guitarist incomparable which be regarded as intermittently at prosperous his very

After , patrol play a prelude follow the foreign countries LAM MORRISON all right travel come back Thailand and get go to play a prelude area all place besides still get be back up , give with a lot of Thai famous artists for example CARABAO , DOME MARTIN and in year 1996 get go out single album is belong to oneself first group but not succeed as expected .

However , LAM MORRISON still get the alias that be guitar player first of Thailand , because of style playing grace excitedly a guard is on the stage can call the Yay! from the lover get every time , moreover , the craftsmanship full of wiles , a child plays that incomparable , including unusual techinque , you will apply on the stage always see prevent get have no bored with in the end take the alias that guitar king
Too…to at a band CARABAO must compose a song at the name that guitar king for man person this honor.Which be held to be guitar player that build the inspiration gives with guitar player of Thailand in the present age.

LAM MORRISON be known TRUE that PICHAI NAULJAM be born when year 1949 the Udon Thani , now have marry get married already and live at Samutsongkhram province.
LAM MORRISON , still don't abandon the be musician although , the age is will past 60 already almost by still play a prelude at THE ROCK PUB which can call that be compared as back second his house LAM MORRISON play every night Friday by the end of the month . or depend upon free the way THE ROCK PUB will have special activity invite LAM MORRISON come to play.

which in date LAM MORRISON play that chest edge that crowded shop person through both of Thai and the foreigner still praise that he still is THE GUITAR KING.

Oh Olarn Promjai

Olarn Promjai , topmost guitar player again a person of Thailand where has to praise from music lover most one person , can call that , be music pioneer , rock & heavy metal , in Thai part , be the inspiration gives with a band , rock , of Thailand in the age builds [ wasp ] , come to ,

Olarn Promjai , get form , The Olarn Project , go up in year 1984 by he is will the audience looks in about [ story ] of the all music , group first album regards as to succeed good like , there is loud type music , YAYUDYANG , , FAIPRATTANA , , etc. ,especially the music , FAIPRATTANA , , that almost can call that , be teacher music of guitar realm in Thailand , be the music that have both of the techinque full of wiles , at sweet-sounding thin fast shield , then make at that time nobody strange a man who the name , Olarn Promjai ,

after , group first work succeeds , group second works no matter come to with the album that is known that , , hulek (ear metal) , be the group that have to praise that , be , heavy metal , Thai best part , especially the music that is known one with album name is the music , hulek (ear metal) , that can call that , be a model give with the music , heavy metal , in Thailand ,

in year 1996 he receives a reward , Season Aword , which , be a reward that can call that , be the stage that a musician who has a hand and have to admit only , arrive at will get this reward , by he receives a reward from music kind plays great ,

through the period of time that him plays a prelude , Olarn , have admit both of from professional musician , producer , extremely including listen to the music that , be a musician who have deep imagination , the words of a song vacates the words of a song has to sift come to good like both of in the sense of of the rhythm , that sweet-sounding profoundly , there is way music beautiful detail indicates to arrive at understanding in the sense of the music actually ,

the works of , Olarn , be the works that build the inspiration gives with new model musician has in Thailand through , because of , be the works that is born from the sifting from the experience in the playing music comes to both of almost the life , there is the style is belong to oneself , who is guitar intonation that don't be like ? , way format presents that strange always , grand then have praise to front musician again a person of Thailand ,

from the works has and way music experience that collect to come to both of the life of , Olarn Promjai , then the source of , guitar signature , his by oneself by produce to cooperate , Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, USA (FMIC) , which , be at know prevent good in musician group that , be a company where produce quality guitar visits beneath the name , Fender, Squier, Guild, Gretsch, Jackson , and , The other , a lot of again ,

Olarn Promjai , receive the fame from producer company in signing a contract for accompanies with to design , guitar squire , generation , Olarn singnature , can call that , be person first musician in provincial the South-east Asia where receives this fame , which , working together with a company , FMIC , that don't differ with promise at a company , FMIC , do with famous world-class artist such as , Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Jeff Beck , and , Eric Johnson , be the production follows the requirement of a musician actually , by this way generation , Olarn , have designing , fix , spec , The all , closely , there is sending guitar , back and forth international Thai and USA , for , come out straight with his requirement most.

while , this get do the production is finished by company way , Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, USA (FMIC) , then get save one's face , deliver replace from a company , be , Mr. Ken Oda, Director of Marketing , Asia , in order to , come to deliver promise the original , fully guitar , Prototype , to , Olarn Promjai , officially , build [ wasp ] a mass medium and you a celebrities , in date 23 AUGUST 2006 because , of , Olarn Promjai , at use the trademark , squire , because of , he has told , guitar that high-quality don't have to expensive always , everything depends on playying your ,